2 • All Movement is Relational


We are alive within the field of relativity; everything we do is in relationship to ourselves and to our environment. All movement is an expression of our individual consciousness.

Many psychological difficulties arise from feeling isolated within oneself. Yoga practice invites us back into the present moment by reminding us of the immediacy of our connection with the simplest aspects of environment: the earth, gravity, our breath, the mat, etc.

Yield – An active relationship bonding, acceptance. Yield is under all integrated movement.

Push – I move away from earth or other.

Reach – I move out of myself and toward other- the object of me desire, or my aspiration.

Pull – I bring what I desire back to me.

Digestion & Absorption – I take it in; I contain it within myself.

Offering – I offer it back with love- Ishvara Pranidhana

Resolution – Samadhi, Integration


    One thought on “2 • All Movement is Relational

    1. There is a great U-tube video about relational movement and vocalization if you haven’t seen it. It’s a "dialogue" between two twin toddlers. There is a link on the embodyoga facebook page.


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