Manipura Chakra

Mesentary and Navel Radiation
In our human vertebral and esoteric yogaic anatomy Manipura Chakra is the fire center. The central manipura is just behind the belly button and relates to the digestive tract and the layers of consiousness concerned with thinking, making sense of life as it is, digesting our experiences and assimilating them – or not. We have always considered the small intestinal tract to be a key in the inquiry into the expression of manipura chakra – who we perceive ourselves to be in the world.

The mesentary is a little recognized hub of developmental and structural support that is alive within like a glorious sea creature waiting to be recognized and experienced!


This tree fungus resembles our mesentary.

The fascial and fluid nature of the mesentary, its structure of folds and undulations that arise from the back abdominal wall make it an especially important structure in relationship to navel radiation and all the ways that manipura chakra emenates its qualities throughout our body and mind.


starfish eating

I feel that the mesentary is a structure that offers a deeper understanding of our navel core. In embodiment it opens a window into the weave of our fluid underpinnings in navel readiation and our human experience of “gut” reality: safety, comfort, and nurturance at its most primal level. As we embody our selves in both time and space we have our developmental fluid origins that are true now – as they always were – and are both memory and current structure.

We are exploring this beautiful soft core in the teacher training courses and also in the daily classes at Yoga Center Amherst. It feels like a real window into the integration of body and mind at the navel. Very primal. Very soothing. It smiles.

Have you explored this yet? What do you feel?

3 thoughts on “Manipura Chakra

  1. I have explored navel radiation and realize that it is a great starting point for pranayama practice.Just like in Asana practice, the yield is important and I feel that navel radiation is just that. It is a yielding. And one needs to yield before attempting to move breath and energy through pranayama.thank you for this wonderful tool to all the teachers of embody practice.

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  2. Yes. We yield to the navel and there can be an almost simultaneous yielding to the "navel" of every cell. This is important in pranayama because the basis of pranayama is cellular breathing. The pranayama techniques and the lung respiration take us to the movement of prana in the fluid body – and in the cell. When we become familiar with this level of the breath it becomes easier to start with it and then use the traditional pranayama techniques to play with enhancing prana flow from the perspective of where the prana actually is, rather than pushing the prana from the "technique". This requires a very soft touch and a deep inner inquiry into sensing and feelingInteresting that the prana-maya kosa – the sheath of prana – is found with the water element. Prana flows in our form through the fluids.


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