7 • Permeating Consciousness


Principle of Permeating Consciousness

This is the process of directing and diffusing awareness through all facets of body and mind. From the known we proceed deeper, transforming the unknown into the known though our inquiry, invariably arriving at the Unified Source – Creative Intelligence.

Our process includes:

  • Visualization – Dharana
  • Somatization – Dhyana
  • Embodiment – Samadhi
  • Integration – Samyama

Samyama is the integration of dharana, dhyana and samadhi. It is a living and moving – sensing, feeling, and acting – flow of relational experiencing of all levels of our existence.

In teaching, help your students to visualize and somaticize by your use of metaphor and by embodying the consciousness of the unique tissues as you speak of them. Lead them through the layers to the subtle aspects of experience and back again. Refer to the Unified Source as the context of the inquiry. 


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