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Embodyoga® is a radical and inclusive approach to the ancient science of yoga. It is an evolving tapestry woven from the deeply healing, therapeutic, and spiritual essence of yoga and cutting edge studies in the field of body-mind-consciousness. Embodyoga® fuses the emergent wisdom of Body-Mind Centering®, which was developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, with Hatha Yoga practices and Tantric Yoga philosophy.

Embodyoga® begins with the premise that our entire personal self—body, heart, and mind— is a sea of vibrating creative awareness. Practitioners of Embodyoga® recognize that each aspect of our physical, and energetic form is an expression of awareness manifesting through, and as, individual qualities and traits. We experience these aspects of self as gradations of awareness, all made of the same stuff, all having equal value and importance, and all interwoven to form a system that is perfectly equipped and primed for self-realization. In other words, through the gift of human consciousness we are able to witness our very nature as it is: creative, bright, alive, and self-aware.

When we practice Embodyoga®, we harness the powerful forces of curiosity and desire to guide our exploration of the body-mind system. Our inquiry initiates and leads the journey. Whatever route this inward journey takes, it leads to the revelation of the unity that underlies all form. Even as we are obviously individuals with our personal qualities and traits, we are also universal in that all that we are is awareness at its source.

Embodyoga® practice provides us with a direct experience of unity – the unity of recognizing the universal and the personal as one integrated and inseparable system. This perception of the inseparability of the universal and the personal, remains with us on and off the yoga mat, manifesting through our relationships with self and others.
When we have had a direct and profound encounter with our inner, true self, we can then effortlessly share this experience as an offering in all our interactions. A sense of love and responsibility for the wellbeing of all humanity expands outward from our self, through our family, friends, community, and beyond. This outward expansion results directly from our ability to perceive our essential self more deeply.

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Embodyoga® is a highly specific and in-depth look at how we relate to our environment and ourselves, how we move and express ourselves in our personal lives and in the world. It is the process of exploring all layers of ourselves from our densest structural being all the way through to the most subtle and radiant level of awareness that supports it all. This is not a philosophical exercise of the mind that we hope will one day reveal clarity! What we are offering is approachable and concise techniques of inquiry that assist the actual Direct Experience of the radiance of who and what we are on every level. The body and the mind are equally the field of inquiry. There is no difference. They are made of the same stuff and radiating awareness and light. We explore them both.


Embodyoga® is much more than what is commonly regarded as yoga asana. We use the forms of yoga postures as the outer template for our explorations. We place the importance on our experience –full embodiment and acceptance– of the entire range of our inner world.

We examine our bodies and ourselves from the inside-out. We explore our desires, our hopes, our dreams, our love for life, and the obstacles to the full experience of our place in the Universal Reality.

•    asana (posture)
•    pranayama (breath)
•    dharana-dhyana (clarity of mind and surrender to inner comfort)
•    samadhi (being spontaneously drawn into full embodiment and immediate immersion in Unity)
•    profound recognition and acceptance of personal self and life as it is (while leaving open the possibility of healing, action, and evolution)
•    honing a determined and focused mind with which to inquire with depth and clarity

Our Embodyoga® practice opens the window to recognizing how we are constantly fed and supported by the Divine.

We have found that this approach to yoga really works. Satisfaction with life increases when we begin to see more clearly – not just into our minds – but also equally into the radiant intelligence that is our bodies. A deep comfort descends as we progressively recognize all aspects of “self” and “Self.” We find that we continue to grow into fuller, more effective, and happier people. This is big stuff.

We are currently offering and In-Depth Study and 200-Hour Teacher Training Program that begins March 21st. We are beginning one of the four modules of the 500-Hour Teacher Training Program on March 14th.

You may enter these programs without previous experience in Embodyoga®

New to Embodyoga® or just want to know more? Check out our Embodyoga® web site.